Friday, June 24, 2011

new home design ideas: living room

So Paul and I signed for a house. It’s a new one and we’ll only be able to move in, in about a year from now. For any of you who know me in real life, you know that this means you should feel very, very sorry for my husband.


Because I now have a full year to obsess about home decor. That’s right. An entire year to plan, plot, and ponder all the millions of options out there.

This could be dangerous. Very, very dangerous. Be afraid people!

This is what I have so far for the living room.


IMG_1051[1] IMG_1052[1]

in a colour like this (not exact) with white:


Books and pops of colour:

IMG_1054[1] IMG_1056[1]

IMG_1053[1] IMG_1055[1]

With a bit more punch:


our couches are a grey-slate blue, so these combos seem like they’d work to create a fresh and bright living space.

What do you think?

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