Thursday, June 30, 2011

say what? artsy, eco, suburban living?

Do you ever look at your life sometimes and wonder “How did I get here?” or “Am I really grown up enough to be living this life?”

I do. Hells yes, I do. And buying a house, well that has just sent yours truly flying over the edge into an existential adult crisis!

Cause really, who on earth deemed me old and mature enough for home ownership? For a whole home. Really? Cause I think (s)he and I need to sit down and have a good chat about things.

In fact, maybe this is part of what’s wrong with the world today…the big guy (or gal… I’m an equal opportunist here) is falling down on the job, handing out positions to people who just ain’t quite ready for them yet.

On the other hand, maybe this is trial by fire? Or something less ominous, you know, like having faith in my abilities before I do? Either way, I’m not quite sure I like it! I mean… what if it all goes belly up?

Ok, ok, I’m just being melodramatic now, I know! Enough of the melodramatics already, here’s what I’ve gotten myself into:



How crazy is that? And it’s not even including the basement! And the changes we’ve already made to the design. And all the things that I’ll want to do with it. Like permaculture gardens and some sort of greywater system of sorts. Because there’s no way I’m moving to suburbia AND selling out on my eco philosophies! My clone suburban home needs to be an artsy, bohemian, eclectic AND eco suburban clone home!


  1. Is the outside going to be sparkly? Because, you know, you like the sparkle...

  2. oh yes, the outside will be sparkly!



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