Friday, July 8, 2011

chalkboard spice jars

IMG_5086 I bet you all think that all I do these days is scrapbook! Well the next few posts will disprove that theory. I do lots of other crafty things that I never get around to writing about but should. Here is one of my latest ventures:

Chalkboard spice jars.

I love the idea but there were a few problems in the execution. First and foremost that I'd never actually use chalk on them cause it'd rub off too easily. I used a white crafting pen by American Crafts instead.

The paint didn't go on smoothly. In future attempts I will use a sponge brush instead of a regular brush.

I thought I'd like a sloppy look but not so much. Next time will try it with tape for sharp lines.

The paint will chip off if you scratch it hard enough.

Thinking about doing this with old vintage jars/flower vases so you get write a message on it maybe even a love note (hint, hint to my husband who reads this blog: if I make it, you write it)!


  1. Love the 'hint to husband!'

    Also thought this idea was so cute! But yes the practical side seems tricky... and hey how about finding a cool spice rack.. that seems challenging these days too!

  2. If it helps, I like some of the spice rack ideas in this post:



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