Thursday, July 28, 2011

domestic adventures: our new fridge

So Paul and I bought a new fridge. Being the tall gal that I am, I have joined the bottom freezer campaign and convinced Paul that he too should join the ranks so that we can be uniform in our fridge tendencies.


Of course, Paul was sceptical but married life being what it is, he soon joined the bandwagon and off we went to buy a fridge.

No, wait.

Before we bought a fridge, Paul made careful measurements of our fridge space in the kitchen, which I totally wouldn’t have done. No sirree, I’m more of a wing it, fly by the seat of your pants shopper. In fact, I was more concerned about whether said fridge would fit into our new home and never even considered worrying about the space in our current kitchen.

What’s the catch you ask? Cause you know there’s a catch to this story, don’t you? Of course you do, I don’t have no dumb readers!

Well, once said fridge was delivered (it’s lovely, thank you for asking), we realized that our walls aren’t actually straight. No. In fact, the top part of the wall, which was measured, is in fact wider than the bottom by about 1/2 inch.

So our lovely new fridge is now living in the space just outside of the kitchen work space.

The moral of this story: always measure the top and the bottom! Or wing it like I do and just accept the consequences of chaotic consumerism!

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