Tuesday, August 23, 2011

saying goodbye, me, you, and them

This week past has been busy. I moved my little brother out.

kev moving

As you can see, it was a tight move. He’d accumulated more in the past year than he’d thought. But we managed to squeeze it all into a Honda Civic, so that’s good.

Saying goodbye was a little bittersweet. I’m happy for him and wish him the best, but I’m sad and worried and all that momma bear kind of stuff. And yes, yet again, I totally cried.

I think I have come to the conclusion that in my 30s I have turned into a crier. And no one gets me crying easier than my little brothers’ do. Not that they do it intentionally.

Paul and I were joking, once I stopped crying, that I’m totally going to be the mom who walks away, unable to hug or talk during goodbyes, because I’ve been reduced to tears and am just trying to find a private place where I can just break down without witnesses. And then Paul will have to always be there to say “don’t worry, they’re tears of happiness.” Because apparently, even though I’m a crier, I can’t cry in public and feel the need to flee the scene as soon as I start welling up.

It’s ridiculous but completely beyond my control. I am the weepiest of them all! (in my family)

But in other news… look how pretty things are in that area of Ontario!

 IMG_1214 IMG_1216

These were taken just outside our hotel in Smith Falls, which isn’t as nice as Perth… so all in all, Kev’s moved to a quaint corner of Ontario. It’ll be a shock after big city living, I’m sure. But it’s pretty to visit. I might just have to go again!

It really was a weekend of goodbyes though because we returned only to say goodbye to a good friend who is moving out to Nova Scotia to do an internship for a year. It makes me happy to see these people going off to live their lives, follow their dreams, and have amazing adventures, but also sad because they will be missed.

In more exciting news though…

I’m heading to Mexico (Mayan Riviera) in 2 weeks! Woo hoo! Even better? It’s a girl’s trip with this lovely lady:


I’m very excited to get some quality Karen and Marya time in. We have never gone on vacation together (I’ve gone to visit her in England twice and she’s come to Montreal twice but we’ve never gone somewhere new together). I can’t wait to see what mischief and adventures we create together!


  1. I never cried until I hit my 30s. Now I'm always crying for some reason!

  2. I so know what you mean. It's ridiculous! Commercials, movies, even slightly emotional moments and I'm all welling up. Stupid hormones. I swear. It has to be that... either that or I'm getting soft in my quasi old age!

  3. Honda Civics rock! W00t!

    Glad to see I'm the stable one of the relationship...

  4. I will miss you too!Butm as a washed-up actor once said, "I'll be back!" Not before you come visit though! I have a great book on things to do in the Maritimes and I'll need someone to help me cross them off.



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