Wednesday, September 28, 2011

mexican pottery paintings

While on our Mexican adventures, Karen and I took some time off to relax (I know, seems unlikely with all our adventures… but it did happen). What did yours truly do?



And yes, it was grand. I didn’t realize how much artsy stuff had become a part of my daily routine until I spent almost a week with nothing artsy in my life!


So while I wouldn’t say it was the best part of the vacation, it was a very much needed artsy time out in a week of adrenaline rushing adventures.

Monday, September 26, 2011

art scrapbook page

On our honeymoon we visited the Picasso museum in Antibes. It was pretty neat actually.


I appreciate Picasso’s art, but am not a big fan. The museum however, featured his sculptures, which I’d never seen before and they were pretty amazing.

One thing that I learned from this project? I gotta get me more circle punches cause I can’t cut a proper circle if my life depended on it!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

playa, amigas, & cervezas

So I’m still trying to edit, resize, & process my photos from my recent Mexican adventures!

One of the funnier moments of our trip was the fact that when we were in town, the salesmen kept telling us that they’d been waiting for us and if we were looking for Mexican boyfriends…

So without further ado, meet our new Mexican boyfriend (we’re sharing cause he’s generous with the tequila):


We swung on swings, while drinking dos cervezas:

Got cozy with the local wildlife:

Lizards in our room, mischievous monkey, dogs that call like it is (Marya is a big suck for sad face mammals), and tarantulas.

Jumped for joy for fun vacations!:

Climbed some ancient ruins:


Appreciated local sights and swam in bat caves!

So many adventures in such little time, I can’t even begin to capture them all. It’s funny how a trip that was spur of the moment, and totally not financially the best decision, was exactly what I needed in the end. It was like the stars aligned to give me what I needed before I even knew I needed it. I went into buying the trip 2.5 weeks beforehand, thinking it would be a fun girl vacation, which it was, but even more so because my biological father died less than a week before I left for vacation and it helped me have time away to process things (and distract myself from things when it all got a little too heavy).

Sometimes life is funny the way it works out and the way the universe sort of steps in and takes care of you, even when you don’t know you need it!

When all else fails, a little beach time goes a long way!

Monday, September 19, 2011

new things that i’m making

Victorian inspired stationery:


And the mock up of a new notebook/journal/mini-book that I’m working on with an Asian inspired look to it:


With a cover and a bit more work, I think I’m going to like this project. But I definitely need to dig up some wire benders, cause I’m going to kill my hands otherwise. Plus, with wire benders I could make the loops more circular, which would make the pages turn more smoothly.


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