Monday, November 21, 2011

35 by 35 updates

Ok, this is where my 35 by 35 list is at the moment. As you can see, it's looking good in some areas, not so in others!

1.Complete the One Little Word project

One Little Word 2011: In Progress
2. Learn how to use Photoshop Elements
3. Get better at shallow Depth of Field photography
4. Sort through my digital photos & edit/store them better (at least those up to Jan 2011)
5. Learn to bake bread
6. Make my own incense
7. Learn 5 new origami folds for my ornaments

new butterfly


8. Learn how to make 3 new origami card products
9. Expand my etsy shop

It’s not a huge expansion but I’ve started doing stationery which sells relatively well!

10. Build a crafty partnership with a friend
11. Watch my middle brother get married

April 30th 2011
12. Travel to Sweden to visit with my lovely exchange student sister, Camilla (because it’s LONG overdue that I visit her)

Ok, I went to Mexico instead… but with a dear friend!

13. Nurture creativity in my artsy-crafty friends (this is sort of unmeasurable, I know, but I mean just to keep encouraging them and bolstering by being attentive and support of their creative leaps of faith).

See various blog posts…

14. Get back into shape (work on knee injury and return to Nia or Yoga)

I tried the Insanity workout... it's insane enough that I think it counts! 

15. Make my own soap for 2012 (meaning make enough, cure it, and have enough of it ready for 2012)
16. Work on art journaling (try to create 1 art journal page/week)

in progress, doing well but not blogging about it regularly. started the every day art journal challenge for June

17. Make my own organic vanilla extract from organic vanilla beans and organic vodka

Done, and currently steeping

18. Discover 12 new musicians I love (1 a month?)—I’m open to suggestions here people!

19. Read 12 non post colonial literary novels! No pulp. Nothing about India. (Ok, I can read those too, but 
they are above and beyond the 12 non po-co novels)
  • 1.Yoga Bitch
  • 2.Faery Tale
  • 3.Sweetness in the Belly
  • 4.Lullabyes for Criminals
  • 5.Bluebeard's Machine
  • 6.Pilgrim
  • 7.Lamb
  • 8.The Help
  • 9.The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

20. Read the news at least once a week. It’s shameful that I don’t and I can’t let my irritation of current affairs continue to be an excuse for wilful ignorance!
21. Visit the Montreal art museums as least 3 times in the upcoming year

22. See at least 5 live shows (small, big, music, comedy, theatre… doesn’t matter)
  • Sarah McLachlan,
  • Straight No Chaser,
  • Great Big Sea (in July)
  • Craig Ferguson: Just for Laughs festival
  • Montreal Burlesque Festival
  • The Tea Party

23. Drag my butt out to at least 1 Moth inspired Montreal storytelling slam!
24. Go on 1 shopping trip to the states for fabric. Yes, you read that right!
25. Buy & learn a new tarot deck
bought and working on learning the Thoth tarot 

26. Finish our wedding scrapbook
27. Learn how to make my own veggie Vietnamese spring rolls and peanut sauce
28. List all the table linens Viv and I made in my etsy shop
29. Do something special to celebrate 5 years with my partner
30. Read Anna Karenina

31. Learn to cook 3 Indian & 3 2 Ethiopian dishes:

1=Ethiopian Spicy Tomato Lentil Stew

32. Finish painting my very first large painting/canvas

I'm halfway there and have been for a very long time! 

33. Learn how to paint with a palette knife
34. Go cross country skiing
35. Remember to make more time for my husband, my marriage, and enjoying the every day moments of our life together

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