Wednesday, November 23, 2011

comtemplating kitchens

 Kitchen looks that I love:

Photo Sources: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4

As you can tell, there's a bit of a theme going here. What can I say, I just love white kitchens. I know some people aren't big fans of the white and prefer darker looks, but for me the kitchen should be bright and cheery. It's the one place in the home where I absoluty want a fresh, clean look.

Even more exciting!? Guess what I'm getting in our new kitchen that has me all excited: a spice drawer. 

 This isn't the exact drawer, but you get the idea! I'm excited. Yessiree! And you would be too if you saw my (our) spice collection.


  1. I love Kitchen #2! Especially the table!

  2. Me too. I think number 2 is my favourite but the table is a tough sell to my husband.

  3. I like number 4 the best. It has the least clutter of all kitchens. Science has shown that the best kitchens have the least amount of clutter.

  4. You sound like my husband... but yes, I will concede that less clutter can be nice



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