Thursday, December 1, 2011

#decdaily + #reverb11

Always a bit of a glutton for punishment, read: I like to take on WAY too many projects, I decided to partake in the big DecemberDaily project. But I can ever just do things the standard way. Oh no, I have to make it either more complicated or add an eclectic twist to it.

6x6 DecDaily album

So what did I add, you ask? Well I fused Reverb11 into the action. Which in my sick little mind, is supposed to mean less work because I'll have journaling prompts.

Reverb11 journal prompt: Did you try something new this year?

But oh no... what was the theory quickly evolved into me doing 2 things instead of 1.

See? Do you? Now I've journaled twice! 
 But that's ok because I give myself permission to add or remove things as I go! So that's fine. And if you look at some people's books, you'd be overwhelmed by the amount of work that has gone into the artistic creation of them. Not that this isn't great. I mean seriously, some of the albums out there are just amazing. But me, I'm keeping things simpler artistically speaking!

See? Easy Peasy DecDaily!
I'm looking forward to playing around with a holiday themed look but with year end reflections. Should be fun!

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