Wednesday, January 4, 2012

holiday recap

Thank goodness, the holidays are over! What a whirlwind.

A quick tour through my December Daily album (I’ve never made a mini album before… they rock—I really enjoyed it) shows that my month involved too much baking (and eating):


Oh sugar cookies, how I love thee… but my waistline has a different opinion of the issue!

Tree decorating and gift wrapping:


It always amazes me that our living room can look so different in photos, based on the time of day (hello lime, hello apple… hello chameleon green)!

Gift opening and cat napping:



Apparently my little brother’s gift was his (probably) number 1 wish, Paul got what he didn’t know he wanted and would have never though of buying himself, and I got a jewelry mirror: the gift that keeps on giving (i.e. my jewelry has a good home = Marya is happy, my jewelry is hidden and I seem classy = Paul is happy), and all the excitement is a bit exhausting so naps are required!

Cooking and decorating:


You have to click on the photo on the left to see it, but it shows me trying to take a picture of us on the self timer, only to have Paul muck each one up with fully antics in the background… joke’s on him, I’ll document his antics instead! And then Kev and I continued a family holiday tradition, with a twist: gingerbread cookies. Next year: fancy schmancy houses. Mom, are you ready? I’m just saying… you’re expected to oversee of gingerbread geniuses!

And just being thankful and celebrating love:


We spent New Year’s Eve in Tremblant with friends and their family. Our family and then some… it was fun. We had raclette. I’ve never had raclette before. I felt very French Quebecois. Awesome. I like it.

Here’s to hoping this year is as blessed as last year!

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