Sunday, January 15, 2012

Project Life : Week 2

Ok, so I decided to add a few more photos to the first week. I know that some people feel compelled to do 2 page layouts for every week but I refuse to lock myself into that type of schedule. I also want a bit more flexibility in terms of the pages themselves, so I've added next week's journal tag into the page too (everything after that is for next week). It's a bit unclear in this page, but I think it'll get clearer over time.

I have 2 photos that a friend took that I want to add to the album, so for now, I've just added a post it. I also tried out an Ali Edwards overlay for the top right photo (of the Rockies from the plane). I like it, it feels more polished than my own writing...

The above 6x12 inserts come from online goodies: one of my blog posts and a facebook conversation prompted by Paul. It's important to me that his story is highlighted in the album and this week it's felt more like my story because I'm the one who went across the country. 

Again I have reserved a space for photos from others! I like that I was able to take my boarding pass and general travel goods and keep them for the future. The picture of the ferry might not seem all that inspiring to me or to people back home, but Paul's reaction to taking such a huge boat the first time I took him home was great because it reminded me to notice some of the things we take for granted in our lives. Traveling by boat isn't that big of a deal to me, but it is a big boat and a beautiful trip the first time you've done it. And the ferries have changed so much since I was a kid (they're all fancy schmancy now... shit, I should have taken an inside photo too.... next time)!

The journaling is a bit daunting to me still, I have to admit. Which is weird because I've journaled all my life... it's just that this is for public record so it requires thinking twice about the things written, making it less about my feelings and more about events! I'm sure it'll get easier but for now it's a bit odd!

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