Wednesday, February 29, 2012

L.O.A.D. Recap

And breathe....

wanna see the whole set, even bigger? go here

I have always been someone who is prone to taking on too much, all at once. It's a fact. While I no longer work 2 or 3 jobs while in school, I have replaced this tendency with taking on too many crafty projects all at once. You'd think I'd learn, but I never do. Instead, I have accepted this as being part of my nature and forgive myself when things slip (well, the less vital things anyways).

This last project, doing a scrapbook layout a day, speaks to the heart of my desire to do too much, all at once. Ok, a layout a day isn't that bad, but when you combine it with project life, starting a new gym/health routine, my daily meditation, and well, the rest of life... you start to get an idea of why, if you were looking to hear from me this month, you didn't!

That said, it has been an amazing experience that has allowed me to document some of my favourite stories (there are so many more still, but some is better than none)! Right? Right. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

At the end of the day it boils down to this: I love looking over these pages and seeing the stories they tell, both visually and you know, with the writing...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Life: Week 6

Ironically last week was a busy week but I have very few photos is the page I did for it!

The week started off with eating WAY too much food at my Mother-in-Law's name day. For those of you who don't know what a name day is, don't worry I didn't know either before coming into Paul's family. Essentially it's the day of the saint you were named after that you celebrate like a birthday. The older generation of Paul's family celebrates their name day more than their birthday... though mind you, that's what they say but I'm still being asked to come to birthdays too.... so maybe a name day is like a second birthday, a sort of quasi hobbit birthday tradition. Hmmmm, Marya is a variation on Mary right? There's at least one of those...  Does it matter if I'm not Catholic? What do you think, could I get away with a second birthday?

It's all about more cake...

Of course I say that in light of one of the other major week developments: the realization that I need to lose 40lbs. Yup. I could cry but there you have it. I suppose I'm going to have to hold off on second birthdays for a while!

But I have a trainer, a nutritionist and goals, so I'm working on it. Don't worry though, I won't turn this into a weight loss blog! Well, except for the word of the year updates (balance) and project life pages that talk about it. But hey, that's hidden in the scrapbooking so it's not the same, right?

Other than that, it's just the house stuff, but I already shared that yesterday. And the fact that I'm thinking about blog updates because I think my little home on the net needs a make-over.  But that's week 7 stuff...

Thursday, February 16, 2012

home updates

This past weekend we made the final home selections that had to be done before the builder goes off and finishes our home for us.

And it was hard. (I know, woe is me, my life is so very rough)... But on the very frivolous end of things, yes, it was challenging. Why, you might ask? Well because, as is the case for anything in our western world these days, there were just so many choices that it was somewhat overwhelming.

I know, I know, the misery of it all.

But before you mock me too much for my petty whines, keep in mind that they were asking me to make decisions on tiles in rooms that I don't really even know what I'm going to do with yet. I mean, how do you pick the colour of tile you want in front of the fire place when you don't eve know how you plan on finishing the fireplace?

On a more exciting note, we now have sketches of our kitchen and our backsplash all picked out. Wanna see? Yeah, I knew you did:

Now, just picture it in white with a light woodgrain finish, long brushed silver knobs, faux black marble countertops, black tile floors and this as our backsplash:

And I'll tell you what... I'm getting excited people. I cannot wait to see it all come together. I may be whining about the choices, but choices I'm sure of..... well they're starting to really excite me!

And on that note... I think I know what to do with our living room. Something in this palette:

Grey couch, textured light grey/white wall, stone wall fireplace with a black mantle, our Ikea Expedit dark black bookshelves, pops of red, and all of the collection of world trinkets we have. Oh yes, I'm getting excited!


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