Thursday, February 16, 2012

home updates

This past weekend we made the final home selections that had to be done before the builder goes off and finishes our home for us.

And it was hard. (I know, woe is me, my life is so very rough)... But on the very frivolous end of things, yes, it was challenging. Why, you might ask? Well because, as is the case for anything in our western world these days, there were just so many choices that it was somewhat overwhelming.

I know, I know, the misery of it all.

But before you mock me too much for my petty whines, keep in mind that they were asking me to make decisions on tiles in rooms that I don't really even know what I'm going to do with yet. I mean, how do you pick the colour of tile you want in front of the fire place when you don't eve know how you plan on finishing the fireplace?

On a more exciting note, we now have sketches of our kitchen and our backsplash all picked out. Wanna see? Yeah, I knew you did:

Now, just picture it in white with a light woodgrain finish, long brushed silver knobs, faux black marble countertops, black tile floors and this as our backsplash:

And I'll tell you what... I'm getting excited people. I cannot wait to see it all come together. I may be whining about the choices, but choices I'm sure of..... well they're starting to really excite me!

And on that note... I think I know what to do with our living room. Something in this palette:

Grey couch, textured light grey/white wall, stone wall fireplace with a black mantle, our Ikea Expedit dark black bookshelves, pops of red, and all of the collection of world trinkets we have. Oh yes, I'm getting excited!

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  1. You forgot the part about signing the mortgage... oh wait, we're concentrating on positive things!



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