Monday, February 6, 2012

project life: week 5

While I wouldn't say this was a super busy week per se, I had a fair amount of photos that I wanted to share. Actually, correction. Looking back it was a fairly hectic week, but one in which Paul and I took a lot of quiet time together when we had it, instead of turning to our separate hobbies, which is probably why my pages took so long for me to finish this week.

In fact, it was a week full of lovely adventures. We played boardgames, even daring to rekindle scrabble (which had been vetoed for years because Paul is an mean ass when he plays  really good scrabble player). This time he either just wasn't lucky, has lost his scrabblicious edge, or the universe wanted to bring us back onboard the scrabble train by letting me hold my own in the game. Unfortunately, even though I freely admit that I did not win (lost by about 10pts), because the last word which would have let me win by 20 points (uzi, which the pacivist that I am, I would never have thought of) was actually provided by Paul. I freely admit my defeat and was happy with my gracious loss. However... Paul had other ideas in mind about our game when he wrote this, thus promptly killing whatever chance he had at playing scrabble again as a couple in the next 5 years. All I have to say about this: JERK! You look up one word (is idly spelled I-D-L-Y or I-D-L-E-Y), and suddenly it becomes a crime, even though your gut instinct was right and you were JUST double checking... really, does that merit an ENTIRE blog post?

Not that I'm bitter or anything!

In other news, I've been working on a rather intense, but fun, scrapbook project. I'm doing one layout, every day, for the month of February. That's right, 29 scrapbook pages in a month, in addition to Project Life. Why yes, I am a glutton for punishment! But it's been fun. I'm working on capturing memories from the photos I copied from Mom when I went home in Jan. So that's pretty sweet if you ask me!

Last but not least... I finally tried cross country skiing. It only took 12 years of living in Montreal and surviving winter for me to get off my butt and try a winter sport that gets me out, enjoying l'hiver. It was fun. I only fell once. I think that's pretty solid for a newbie. Aside from listening to family jokes about them having to haul snow in to fill the all the holes I created, Paul and his family were pretty supportive of my new adventure...

I think I might actually do it again some time.

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