Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a scrapbooking frenzy: load212

While it might not seem like it to the casual observer, yours truly has been a BUSY little bee!

See all of what I created in February alone:

Yup, that's right, you're looking at 13 pages of scrapbooking in 13 days. AND that includes spending 3 hours fixing my computer because of a Trojan Virus. Stupid viruses! Now I find out, after all that grief, that I can apparently call Bell and they'll remotely connect to my computer and fix it for me. Things I needed to know BEFORE wasting all that time.

But whatever, it's all good. The computer is safe and nothing was lost, aside from my temper and sanity.

Ok, back to the crafting.

What I'm enjoying most about this frenzy of mine includes:

1. that I'm using up my paper stash
2. that I'm actually cutting up all those pieces of pretty paper that I was so nervous to cut before
3. that I think I'm honing in a bit more on what works for me
4. what works for me is oddly parallel to my life
5. that scrapbooking can be a life lesson when observed closely

And what have I learned you might ask? Well that, like life, I like my pages most when I sort of throw the whole kitchen sink at them/it. Forget planning colours and sketches (plans and schedules and outlines). I just like grabbing and pulling it all together as the cookie crumbles. And apparently I also just like kitschy idioms too!

But you know what, it makes sense. When I think about the homes, restaurants, decor that I love best its all full and fun and bright and well chaotic! And my life is kind of like that too. So see, scrapbooking mirrors life, or does life mirror scrapbooking?

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