Thursday, March 29, 2012

look, we have a house (kinda)

And voila, the almost finished exterior of our home to be:

Isn't she pretty? That's right, I think our house is a she. Which leads me to the ultra important question: What should we call her? Hmmmm... maybe I should wait until we move in to find out what her temperament is. After all, she may be feisty or zen and the same name wouldn't capture both natures... Yup, best to way until she's lived in before officially naming her.

I would just like to draw your attention to the proper car parking that is occuring in this photo: Paul's car is in the driveway, leaving the garage for me and Lucy (my beetle). Isn't he such a thoughtful husband? Always saving the best for yours truly? Yeah, I know, he's a keeper (I'm so waiting for a snide reader comment from Raol or Pablo... )

So that's it... the house is almost done on the outside. Just a little more siding to go on the front porch. On the inside they're added walls. Now comes all the other stuff: cabinets, toilets, doors, etc. I can hardly wait! Soon, my precious, soon...

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