Thursday, March 22, 2012

more list love

More list madness! Some of these lists were easier than others!

This one was just downright fun. I didn't think I would hear such random but intriguing comments but some of them were pretty fanfrickentastic!

I felt like I was completely at a loss to talk about family traditions, even though I know we have them. The prompt sort of made me realize that I really want to/look forward to Paul and I creating our own traditions when we have our own home together. 

Yeah, this was a "meh" list for me.

I love this paper and it worked for me better in theory than it did when I actually went to write on it. Note to self, bold papers need something to tone them down for journaling! 

There are just so many favourite memories. These are just some that struck my fancy today.

If only I had more time... or not!

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