Thursday, March 1, 2012

project life: week 7 & 8

I'm a little late posting them, but here they are:

In the top left corner, there is a photo collage of a few of the LOAD pages I created during the week in question. I know, you're all getting tired of scrap pages, but hey, I spent a LOT of time on them this month! I also went out for dinner with friends, spent a lot of time online and texting, signed a mortgage, had a semi romantic Valentine's date at home, and enjoyed balmier winter weather! Yeah. It was a busy week that didn't seem busy, but was, especially emotionally because there were a lot of big moments in the week.

Signing our mortgage of course being the biggest of them all. I've talked about the home ownership process before, with all my freak outs, excitements, and whatnots. But signing our mortgage, while it freaked me out, made it real and kind of exciting. Before I know it, my life is going to be consumed by moving, painting, and settling into a home that I intend to live in for a very long time. It's a sense of permanency that my life hasn't had for a very long time (although I have been gradually working my way up to it... I've stayed in my latest homes and city for longer than is the norm for me). While my nomadic nature is scared of permanency, I'm also noticing that as I become more settled, I am calmer in nature.

I can live in chaos. I can even thrive in it. But I am calmer when settled and am able to see and explore things in my life that I never had the time, space, or focus to do before, and for all that I bemoan my settling down in suburbia, I'm excited too because of all that it may bring into my life. The past few years have been amazing beyond compare, not just in love with my husband, but in crafting and spirituality. So yeah, we signed our mortgage and I'm finally at peace with the move and excited about the new beginning.

More dinners out, with a fortune that said my feet will touch on many lands! YES! Of course, my friend got the same fortune. But hey, maybe that means that we're destined to take a world tour together? Bigger YES! Helped a friend set up her new business blog and made some business cards for her. I'm really excited to see her start on this adventure!

Freaked out about fitness and weight loss, but have since made my peace with it (gmail chat records said freak out and ensuing pep talk from friend to calm me down). Scrapbooked a lot. I know, a lot. But I've already told you about that!

Paul and I have decided to build a fireplace that looks something like the one in the left corner, but in greys, not tans, with a big black mantle (although he might not have been aware of the mantle specifications yet - he knew about the mantle, just not size/colour).

Another busy week, but it felt like I had little to take pictures of! What can I say, work conferences and business card design aren't particularly photogenic.

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