Tuesday, March 6, 2012

project life: week 9

So Paul has finally finished his journaling tags so I can post this week's update. Which brings to mind the following question: when you involve others in chronicalling your project, do you struggle with their dissent? Because this week was all about Paul dissenting!

From having his photo taken in places he doesn't want to be a model in, to reminding me of the things I say all too often, to outright acts of scrapbooking defiance:

The rest of the week fared a bit better as the home was the model more than Paul (and he's happy to pose in the new digs, so less resistance overall):

It was a busy week in many ways and it was a bit challenging to narrow down the photo selections. I didn't want to post 20 million house pics, you know... Cause the open walls are only so exciting for the rest of you!

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