Tuesday, March 27, 2012

project life:weeks 11 and 12

Week 11

So Paul got an iPhone and life asI know it will never be the same... This past week has been all about documenting that change, from his douchy photo shots, to his new photo texts...

Also up this particular week was attending wrestlemania. Honestly, I never thought this was something I would do in my life. But it was fun. A little long but a fun experience. That said, it's probably not one that I would do again! Once was more than enough.

Other events of the week: the weather outside was delightful. Seriously. It was like spring almost summer weather. I've never seen such a warm March in Montreal. It inspired some spring eco cleaning/purging and some candlemaking. It was a busy and productive week!

Week 11

One of Paul's family traditions, amongst the older generation of his aunts and uncles, is to celebrate their name day. In other words, to celebrate the date of the saint they were named after. I guess it's very old school Catholic, or rather, a Slovenian tradition. The first day of the week was my father in law's name day party (Monday was St Joseph). Anyways, the family came over for a big lunch so many of my pics this week come from that day. Pictures of my nephews, an image of the card we gave Joe for his special day, the family, Joe at the bar, a photo my nephew took of me.

The last photo on the page is a little odd, I know... but it's because it was so nice out that I actually went and ate lunch outside in the graveyard right by my work. That probably seems really macabre, but when you work in a college full of 18 year olds, it's nice to go somewhere that is just really quiet. And let's face it, graveyards are about as quiet as you can get sometimes!

I also ate supper one night with a friend on a bench, overlooking the river.

To all my friends back home in the rain.... who normally laugh at my still snowy Marches in Montreal... know that I'm thinking of you all and gloating, just a little bit, about our beautiful weather!

Since I took so many shots of my nephews, I made a page dedicated to my nephew's outdoor antics!

I made this page in February but decided to add it on the backside of my other page because the rest of my week layout felt very home based.

And our home now has vinyl, inside walls and some appliances.

Two busy weeks done, another 40 to go!

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