Monday, March 26, 2012

red, grey, white and black

Lately I'm obsessed with it. I can't help it. It's everywhere I look and I like it! (I would like to officially blame my mother for this latest trend obsession - if she hadn't raised me surrounded by her love of red and black I think I may have resisted this obsession, but since I associate these colours with home... I was doomed from the start).

all these photos come from our visit to the recent Montreal home show

I never thought, especially as a petulant teen, that I would be somone who would gravitate towards this colour scheme. Call it teenage mom rebellion if you will. But here I am, contemplating a living room in these exact colours. Oh, the ironies! Hell, we even just bought a washer and dryer in red (don't worry, I didn't pay extra for the colour... I'm not that frivolous)! But hey, if they cost the same price as the others.... why not go for the fun colour to make doing laundry more pleasurable? Every time I open the laundry closet I'm going to tee hee... you just want and see if I don't.

Ok, but seriously. Do you ever worry about embracing colour trends? Cause I do. I mean, how many houses can you walk into and date right away by the colours of the fixtures, paint, etc? (Interesting sidenote: I used to be able to do this with Starbucks' back in the day... hey, you spend 5 years working for a company... you start to know things about their design phases). Maybe this isn't something that others notice. But I do. Again, I blame my mother for this design observation and the ensuing concerns it creates for me.

What this all boils down to is this: dusty rose and grey said 80s, sun, moons and stars are the 90s (blue and yellow), and tans & dark floors are the early 2000s. Will grey, red and white be part of the trends that define the 10s?

All in all, I know know that I have to let go of these concerns and just accept, on Paul's woebegone behalf, that that's what renovations and paint are for 5-10 years later!

tee hee....

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