Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sock girl stationery

So I recently acquired 2 new stamps that I'm going to use to make some new stationery for my etsy shop.

You're probably confused, what's this etsy shop that I speak of....

I know, I never talk about my etsy shop.

But it continues to exist and do well in the stationery section in particular. And I'll be honest, this sometimes surprises me as stationery is quite simple to make, whereas the origami ornaments are not. Go figure. Sometimes that's just the way things go.

But a few of my stationery sets sell repeatedly and are quite the hit in the treasury circuit. I'm a little embarrassed by how often my singing in the rain paper gets featured by users. Embarrassed, but obviously quite pleased. I should offer it in different colours.

Really must get on that, sooner than later. But I digress...

This post was to tell you all about the fact that I'm going to add these 2 lovely ladies to my stationery collection.

I'm not usually one for the cutesy stamps. In fact, no offense to those of you who do love them, but I actually kind of abhor them. But these, well, I could make an exception for because they have striped socks and really, who doesn't love striped songs?

Have I ever mentioned that stripped socks make me happy? They do. And so do these ladies because they too dig the stripes!

Oh yeah. Stripped sock stamped stationery. Who wouldn't want some?

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