Tuesday, April 24, 2012

pinspiration: card lift

Ok, I saw this on pinterest and just had to try it out for my nephew's birthday. Being the intrepid and free-wheeling adventuress that I am, I winged (wung?) it without checking out the instructions. I figure this is the best way to keep true to my own vision... right? Having just checked them out, I'm glad I didn't go to the site cause I don't have any of the supplies and I would have felt inclined to maybe buy them instead of using my own stuff up!

Ok, for sure the original card looks more polished but I'm giving it to a soon to be 5 year old so I think I'm good with it not being perfect (cause let's face it, he'll like the monster and won't notice much beyond that).

If I did it again, I'd have used smoother paper for the monster (cause the black lines were tricky with all the bumbs that are in the paper grain). But it was a fun card to make.

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