Tuesday, May 8, 2012

catching up on the stories...

So I've been busy telling stories again:

 sounds of daily life

First and foremost, something from recent life. The other morning I work up at 6:13am (yes, that's how early I get up) but Paul was in bed too (he leaves at 6:15 latest). So I rolled over and woke him quickly. The reason for his late start... Mayla the wake up cat had decided to sleep in. No early morning mewls to drag us out of the bed to open the door for her.

What is the world coming to when your cat fails to do her job?

ebay marya

NExt... a little early life in Montreal nostalgia. I remember being so awed by this city when I moved here. 12 years later, I'm still in love with it, crappy road construction and all!

template vacation

And then, because one photo from Kirsten's visit to Montreal years ago prompted me to think about other friend vacations, I just had to write a bit about my trip to Mexico with Karen in Sept 2011

Being the typical girls that we are... we totally have the pre-requisite feet on beach photo op!

 20 minutes sibling love

And then, because I just spoke to my middle, little brother, I was all awash with sibling love and had to make the page above! (tee hee, I just rhymed)!

I love the irony of making a page full of pink hearts for a layout dedicated to my brothers! Awesomeness. Pure, evil, big sister emasculating her little brothers kind of awesomeness!

 together day 8

And last but not least... a photo that for me is a bit of a fun peak into the random life adventure my mother has travelled: one that shows her with me and my biological father and my step-dad before he ever had a clue that he'd be my dad one day. Life is funny. And sometimes I am reminded of what it means to be the one who is 7 and 12 years older than my siblings because I remember events and people that they have never known. I was there to experience moments or understand moments in ways that they weren't.

I realize that there are other stories that I don't know at all though... and now I am a girl with a mission!

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