Saturday, May 5, 2012

collecting life data [or justifying keeping shit]

Challenge accepted: a page with no photos.

Ok, I really did make that huge number mistake and I'm really going to leave it. The worst part... I didn't even notice until I was putting my scraps away and saw the 4! Maybe I'll shift the heart embellishment over the 2 so it'll be less noticeable. Or maybe I won't. I'm lazy. There are worse things in life to worry about!
I was initially stumped by this prompt until I looked up at my corkboard and saw all the tickets I keep meaning to scrap. They've been there, taunting me now for ages (some date back to 2008, pre-scrapbooking days). I realized [insert lightbulb moment here] that this prompt was the perfect way to purge some of the clutter. Cause I'm all about purging the clutter right now (you know, getting ready for the move). In fact, just the night before I spent hours sort throw stuff so it seemed a bit serendiptous that this prompt challenged me to continue along this theme. Yay for life being about synchronicity and all that...

Anyways, the page is simple. I added the coloured paper under the alphas because I wanted to pull in the ticket colours... I'm not sure if it works, but it's there now so there is stays!

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