Wednesday, June 6, 2012

dreaming of red and teal kitchens

For those of you who have forgotten, our new kitchen looks like this:

As you can see, there is a gap above the cupboards that I intend to fill with colourful objects like this:

EAT Red Metal Letters

And this:

Because I really dig this colour combo (+ black obviously)

Kitchen ideas: I love these colours but will they become dated too quickly?!

 But because I'm poor, I'm going to create and paint my own letters red:

image source and diy instructions

So far, words on the table are: Eat, Drink, Love

Update: Ok, I lied, I'm not making plaster letters anymore. We opted for wood which I then spray painted red. Apparently, according to my husband and father in law, I am a messy spray painter who sprays too much paint. I say better done and fully covered than sitting there waiting for someone to do the work!

Only a little longer before I start pulling it all together. I'm so excited.

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