Tuesday, June 5, 2012

old news

I've developped a new habit lately: listening to CBC news on the radio during my daily commute.

I think this means the following things:

1. I'm officially old. (ish). That I actually want to know more about the world around me than pop music, most of which I really could care less about. This caring less about adds to said oldness factor under consideration. In fact, I can hear it in the back of my head already: "music today sucks, when I was young we had.... " Yeah. Like I said with the oldness being on its way!

2. I actually know shit about what's happening in the world and don't have to pull the innocent, just listening to your opinion look anymore. I actually know about the plane crash and the murders and the failed talks, etc, etc.

3. I am reminded what actually knowing shit feels like: frustration over the fact that all the news feels salacious and negative. I start feeling like a hater some days. On the other hand, I suppose the longer you listen, the more you become aware of news cycles. Right now it's negative (murders, bath salt drugs, eating faces, sending body parts) but also positive because people are getting caught quickly. Either way, I become aware of how opinionated I am when I start listening to things and forming informed opinions again.

Oy vey. What a world

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