Monday, July 9, 2012

the burbs: not so bad after all?

So... herein is the post in which I eat my words a little bit.

I whined and complained and generally went about the whole move to suburbia about as ungracefully as I possibly could. Yeah. Me and a cookie cutter house in the burbs, I was SO not dealing with it that well!

But here's the thing. It's been about a month and so far it rocks!  Wanna see why?

Water people. Water. Just around the corner from me! I miss the ocean but this is decent compromise. And we discovered a park where we can canoe! Awesomeness. 

We've all found just the right perch on the stairs. Mayla has adopted the same step as I have as the best seat in the house to watch the world go by!

I've been inspired to do some fancy schmancy baking again. Why? Because my kitchen is AMAZING and I just wanna spend time in it admiring how lovely it is!

We FINALLY finished redoing the table and chairs. Woo hoo. Next up, a teaser... it involves this and will go in the dining room:

Best part of the project so far? Spending a lovely day together with a friend. Yay for crafting with others!

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