Thursday, July 19, 2012

Coffee & Vacation

Before I begin, I offer this disclaimer: I am trying out blog posting from the blogger iPhone app. So far: I'm not a fan of the fact that I can't tilt and type sideways. These manhands of mine like the bigger screen for texting and would also appreciate the bigger screen for blogging.

Sigh. Life is difficult for yours truly!

Ok but enough of that. Let me tell you about my current love of morning coffee. I know you're excited to hear about it aren't you?

Long ago (wow, really long ago mow) I used to slog coffee for the mega giant coffee co: Starbucks. In fact my late teens and early 20s were defined by my barista days and I'm grateful for many of the things I learned during this time. Namely, how to make a wicked dry cappuccino, that it's eSpresso not eXpresso, and most importantly mad coffee tasting skills (which have turned out to be super useful with wine too).

Which is why the suck that is our home coffee maker is the bane of my coffee existence. If ever there were a BAD or EVIL coffee maker out there, it would be this one!

Why you ask?

Because it makes atrocious coffee. And no, it is not the human maker that is producing this sucky excuse for coffee and I know this because I make great coffee at work. My colleagues, provided that they like strong coffee, all love my coffee, even when I use drivel coffee,much inferior to the beans I buy for home.

So while on vacation I've been in a quandary over this coffee (ok I'm being melodramatic here people for the sake of creative license, you can all relax my knickers weren't in some crazy knot over a cuppa joe). Suffice to say, vacation coffee has sucked ass.

Until yesterday, when I remembered that I am NOT at the mercy of the suck coffee maker, I can take my coffee fate back into my own hands. I have a bod. Oh yes, my old faithful friend, purchase with my staff discount back when the idea of making coffee at home just seemed, well like bringing work home with me.

Ah, sweet coffee, you make vacation better!

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