Monday, July 30, 2012

word predictions

I'm making a linguistic prediction. That's right. I've even consulted my magic 8 ball and it has confirmed it:

The all knowing Magic 8 Ball
 Wait for it...

I predict that the word RAD is about to make a linguistic come back. For those of you who were tried and true, die hard "rad" fans, you know those of you who kept it real, you're in luck.

You will no longer be dating yourselves. Nope, you are about to be ahead of the curve.Way to go. Mad props to your trail-blazing self!

And why do I think that "rad" is about to make this big come back? Because of the upsurge of it about the blogosphere:

Jamaica Makes
Elise Blaha

So you see, it's only a matter of time before "rad" will find it's way into a home or conversation near you! And let's face it, that's like, totally rad!

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