Tuesday, August 14, 2012

life around here

The weather continues to be warm around here, albeit muggy and wet. But I'm not going to complain. I might be back in my jeans again, but I can smell fall in the air and that just makes me happy! I love fall.

We're gearing up for a provincial election here in a couple weeks, which should be interesting. None of the candidates seem particularly promising as I don't feel like any of them are trustworthy.

From corruption to separation to refusing to host an English party page, I'm not feeling very charitable towards Quebec elections or politicians.

Actually, there's one I'm leaning towards but I suspect his campaign promises will fall short in delivery, particularly since it feels like a lot of his ideas are pipe dreams and castles in thin air. 

What I'm really interested in knowing is whether or not voter turn out will be any better this go around, especially given the fact that our choices are so abysmal!

Honest to god, part of me thinks it's time to start thinking about moving back to BC again! But the funny thing is, even though I'm feeling rather pessimistic about the political climate here, I am feeling more and more like this is home. For the longest time I only quasi put down roots in this city but now I see all these ways in which Montreal has become more home to me than the West Coast. It kind of freaks me out but pleases me too!

But really, politics aside, this is just such an amazing city (even for those of us living in the burbs):

I had some time to kill the other day, so I grabbed a coffee, book, and journal, and hung out along the Lachine canal by Atwater market. The photos above and below are from my 2 hours relaxing by the water. (In case you're wondering, I'm making a very concerted effort to remember that I'm still an islander, albeit in Quebec, because I love the water so)! 

The next shot is much less processed but hopefully just as nice. In case you're curious, I actually took these photos on my iPhone and edited them in Picasa. I have to say that the latest Picasa update is pretty solid in terms of trying catch up the with the instagram/etc app fade. I didn't do the above edits in one step like I'd do in an instagram type app (more like 10 steps) but I'm pleased with how they turned out nonetheless!

The photo below gives you a better idea of what the actual lighting at the time I took the photos was like:

 How can you not love a city that lends itself so well to photography? A city with so many fun bits and nooks and crannies just begging to be recorded?

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