Monday, August 13, 2012

new glasses

So I bought new glasses. Exciting, right? I know. Me too I'm excited.

Wanna see? Of course you do!

Here are the old ones:

Very rectangular. I like them but I've been wearing them for 4 years now. How crazy is that? Yeah. 4 years. They're so loose that they barely stay on my face! I suppose I could tighten them but I also need a stronger prescription so...

Here are the new ones:

 Ok, it's not the greatest of hair days but hair aside... the new ones are more granny style. Not a big change, but overall, subtle enough of a difference that I feel like I'm changing things up a bit, you know? Yeah, you know what I mean!

Best thing about them? I bought them using a coupon for free frames from Clearly Contacts so they cost me $80, including shipping. Sweet, right? I have to say, the process, as much as I stressed about it because I have a big head and worried the frames wouldn't fit right, was pretty awesome because the fit is pretty great. I had to adject the bridge a bit, but that's normal. Overall, I have to say I was pretty happy with the purchase. In fact, if another coupon code comes my way, I may be tempted buy a funkier, fun pair.

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