Wednesday, August 8, 2012

thinking, thinking, thinking & frogs!

I feel like I haven't scrapbooked in ages, which I'm sure can't be true. It's funny, doing project life, as much as I like it (yes, I know I haven't shared photos of it in ages, but I'm still doing it), sort of makes it hard to do the big, artsy pages because I use up so many of my photos in the process. I'm not a huge fan of repeating the same photo over and over again. I know that people do it, but for me it feels a little like it defeats the purpose!

Anyways, I broke down and opted to repeat a photo just cause I love it so much:

I apologize for the graininess of this shot. I really should use my fancy schmancy camera more often. I just get lazy and my phone is always close at hand, so it just seems easier. Like I said, lazy!


I was in the car the other day, talking to a friend about an issue I'd talked about in this space and she made the comment that my blog is a "business blog" of sorts. Her timing with the comment couldn't have been more apt because lately I've really been thinking about this space and what I do here. For a while I really wanted to make this space very craft business oriented. At another time I used this space for political issues rants. And in another incarnation (more recently) this space has become all about scrapbooking. Some days it just feels like a space where I share stories with friends and family who live near and far from me.

But now I'm looking at this space again and wondering what I want out of it and what I want to put into it. I suppose this is a natural evolution of a blog during the blogging process.

I think sometimes that knowing some of your readers personally can make blogging hard because I can get caught up in the potential reactions that a post can create. I worry that I'll bore people with my rants or scrapbooking. But I shouldn't, obviously, because it's not like I dragged you kicking and screaming to this space. You chose to be here so I should just be me in this space. And that's kind of the philosophy I've been chewing on most as I think about what I write and where I want to go next.

Yeah, I know I'm probably over thinking this. But hey, it wouldn't be me if I didn't over think it, at least a little bit!

Whatever. People and spaces and blogs change. All my ruminations are just me freaking out about identity and ideas and the sharing process. I'll get over it! And it's my blog, so I'll write what I want to!

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