Thursday, September 27, 2012

project life updates

Project Life:

It's week 39 in this project and based on my updates, you'd think I stopped at week 17. I've completed all the way up to week 38 so far, see:

In fact, my current issue is that I really need to divide the album into 2 but I can't find the same album again (you know cause in a project like this, matching albums is a must... for those type A people like me at least).

Here are some of the highlights from last week (week 38)

I've opted to be a bit more consistent and selective with the patterns I use in the card spaces. I'm finding some of my pages really ecclectic and I like it when the patterns pull together a bit to create more unity.

Some weeks are better than others, there's no denying it and it all has to do with how focused and invested I feel throughout the week in terms of keeping track of things. You'd think I'd remember things over the past 7 days, but this project is really showing me how much we do forget. It's crazy.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

well saturday was a bust...

Saturday was a rough day for yours truly. It looked something like this:

Arrived to the medical clinic (CLSC) at 7:30am and was the 18th person in line (it opened at 8 and I know I was 18 because that was my ticket number)

The receptionist was lovely and we talked about BC and how her son is living there right now. After a rather stressful election full of anti-Anglo rhetoric and the language debate being tenser these days, I have to say that it was nice to be able to talk in French with a Quebecer who loves BC.

Saw the nurse who proceeded to warn me that the Doctor would probably refuse to do the bloodwork I needed and would tell me to go to a private clinic because he wouldn't want to do the follow up work in the drop in clinic.Suffice to say, I was suitably incensed over the fact that I can't get a bloody family doctor and because of this I would need to pay to get my health taken care of. Talk about a medical system FAIL.

I might have been cranky about potentially waiting for nothing, but at least I had a good book to read

I waited 6 hrs

The Doctor, while being a man of few words and and even fewer questions, did do the blood tests (right there, saving me another long day spend in the medical system) and gave me my referral

I had to take my blood to the hospital lab so that it could be processed. Overall, this didn't feel too much like a con because he saved me another long visit.

Took care of a major stress in my life and feel good about being (finally) pro-active about the health problems (at least 2 of them) that have been plaguing me (pun intended) for the past while.

Came home to work on my laptop. Nothing seems to work and it won't connect to the Internet anymore.

Despite being bummed about current fertility issues, tonight I was actually pretty stoked that I'm not pregnant because at least I could have a drink at the end of a shitty day!

And my husband was so excited for me that Michael's is finally open in Quebec that he rushed me to the store:

It's endearing that he's so excited for me... I'd have to say that he is more excited about it than I am.


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