Monday, October 29, 2012

Starting Holiday Projects. Yes, you read that right!

It's that time of the year... the time of year when crafty peeps start planning for Christmas. I know, right? It seems totally insane that be thinking about the holidays already but these things take time so a girl needs to think ahead.

First project on my agenda? A scrapbooked photo album for a family member.

I'm going about this very differently than normal for me. I've premade all of the background pages with the intention of adding the photos and embellishments later. This makes me nervous because I worry that the colours in the photos might clash, but hey, that's what black and white photos are for, right?

I actually purposely limited myself to using up scraps of paper I've been hoarding. Thankfully this means that I big chunk of my paper stash has been purged! Awesome. This makes me very pleased.

You know, it's funny. I remember when I first started scrapping I was so uneasy about cutting up pretty pages and ruining the paper. Now I tear and snip at will. While I'm by no means a scrapbooking pro, I think it's interesting to see how different my approach is now. When I began this craft, I found it very overwhelming and looked around a lot, trying to find advice on how to create pages. Now I catch myself wondering why I thought it was so daunting when I started. After all, I'm just playing with paper, glue, and stickers. That shouldn't be so scary!

Anyways, back to the project at hand.

The goal is to record 2012 on a monthly basis, creating a page or 2, or a few, with a page dedicated to general, every day life, and more, depending on the amount of big events that happened in that month.

Friday, October 26, 2012

project life... weeks ???

So yeah, I don't know what week of the year it is (39, 40, 41???), cause I don't post about it often enough to keep track and I'm too lazy to look it up. Yup, that's right. I'm owning my laziness cause honestly I don't think it's something that matters that much that I need to look it up.

You know, not like political corruption or starving children or serious stuff like that.

Ok, back to a lighter note, the week before we went to London:

It's getting colder outside and I find myself getting more domestic and hibernating (yes, I know that's not really meant to be used that way, but work with me here)! I've been baking, trying new recipes, making candles, and crafting again.

I love fall. Maybe it's because it's cooler and I feel more homebody-ish or maybe it's years of being in school and organizing my life around the academic year, but fall always feels like a time to change things up, settle into new routines, and enjoy the crisp air.

Check out what's happening in my backyard:

Yeah, I was totally digging the weird mist thing. It hasn't happened since, so I'm glad that I caught it!

I also am trying to take some time to document some world events that happen during the week every now and again. This week was Google 3D undersea.

And of course, our London trip:

Obviously you've seen the London photos but before our trip my coworker surprised us all with cookies. She's so sweet! And crafty. But not in an evil cunning kind of crafy.

More on the changing season too. I visited the river and enjoyed watching the frogs jump into the water. It's the little things people that make me happiest. Some might say "small pleasures for small minds" but I think that joy in the small pleasures is part of the secret of being happy in your life.

Just saying.

 I had so may photos and ephemera from the trip (Rebecca is an enabler - just saying - cause we all know I don't need any help), anyways back to my point, I had so much that it was really hard to narrow it down to a manageable amount for my Project Life album. I know that some people make just travel albums but I've never done this and so I'm not sure if it's something I want to take up. I'm worried that my albums will get a bit overwhelming if I start doing travel albums. After all, I plan on doing a lot of travelling in my life!

Otherwise, the rest of the weekly story was our return, our 3 year wedding anniversary, a death in the family (photo blurred out) and Paul finding out he had shingles. The return home was rough, but such is life.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

London photos, part 2

Day Three:

Changing of the Guard (something I will never do again, oy vey, what a gong show. But I'm glad I did it once). Spitalfields Market and great fun fashion, High Tea at the Wallis, Sean and Paul bonding whilst touring the collection, Shopping districts, dinner out with Sean, Rebecca, Hannah and Luke (poor Luke witnessing the mayhem that Paul and Sean create in public places), dinner, and the view around the corner from where we were staying.

Day Four:

Borough market, complete with signs Paul loved and places that seemed made for me (both of them)! The Globe. Sibling shenanigans. The South Bank and more tube rides. Break for drinks in Camden. The Tower of London. Break for hot chocolate and movie night at home.

Things I learned on this trip:

1. The London tube system, while more extensive, has awful closures on the weekend that can drive a person bonkers.

2. My brother likes to have random dance party for one moments, in which he breaks out his disco star moves. I suspect this might be one of our shared family things cause I am known for random chair dancing for one moments!

3. My sister-in-law and I can geek out over history together and leave the boys to their own devices. Literally. The 2 of them will text and check email instead of soaking up history (see part 1 for evidence)

4. I should never put 2 Leos in a room together. Ever. Random crazy pictures of very unclassy acts in classy establishments will ensue if they are left without a buffer.

5. My brother and sister-in-law have more hot chocolate than I think any couple should and can consume! :P

6. The way I see London today after having done more travelling is vastly different than the way I saw it at 18, 25, and 30, post India, Cuba, France, and Mexico.

7. As much as I love London, it's huge and I am glad I live in Montreal. (or even the burbs of Mtl)!

8. Paul and I need to walk less and relax/savour more when we travel. Our feet are always too sore when we get back!

9. It doesn't matter if I see family in Vancouver or in London, I'm always a little homesick for my family when I get back.

10. I'm excited about this new age of family visits with my brother. Here, there, or back home. It was great spending time with the 2 of them and I hope we find ways to do it more often!  <3 br="br">

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

photos from our London trip - part 1

Ok, ready? Here are just a few of them.

Day One:

We had jetlag so we kept it simple. The iconic phone booth, British Museum, and a walk along the North bank of the Thames.

Day Two:

Tons of tube riding, Charing Cross Station, British Library, more tubes, break for wine at Gordon's wine bar. I love the shot of Paul. It feels like it should be something out of a Poe novel! Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey (I suspect there's a great shot of Sean holding the umbrella for me while I take pictures of gargoyles!) The London Eye at night in the rain and good old fashion pub fare and drinks.


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