Monday, October 29, 2012

Starting Holiday Projects. Yes, you read that right!

It's that time of the year... the time of year when crafty peeps start planning for Christmas. I know, right? It seems totally insane that be thinking about the holidays already but these things take time so a girl needs to think ahead.

First project on my agenda? A scrapbooked photo album for a family member.

I'm going about this very differently than normal for me. I've premade all of the background pages with the intention of adding the photos and embellishments later. This makes me nervous because I worry that the colours in the photos might clash, but hey, that's what black and white photos are for, right?

I actually purposely limited myself to using up scraps of paper I've been hoarding. Thankfully this means that I big chunk of my paper stash has been purged! Awesome. This makes me very pleased.

You know, it's funny. I remember when I first started scrapping I was so uneasy about cutting up pretty pages and ruining the paper. Now I tear and snip at will. While I'm by no means a scrapbooking pro, I think it's interesting to see how different my approach is now. When I began this craft, I found it very overwhelming and looked around a lot, trying to find advice on how to create pages. Now I catch myself wondering why I thought it was so daunting when I started. After all, I'm just playing with paper, glue, and stickers. That shouldn't be so scary!

Anyways, back to the project at hand.

The goal is to record 2012 on a monthly basis, creating a page or 2, or a few, with a page dedicated to general, every day life, and more, depending on the amount of big events that happened in that month.

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