Tuesday, November 6, 2012

thinking about december already!

So Halloween is over and it's time to start planning for Christmas. (Can you tell I'm not American, I don't even think of Thanksgiving as an in between Halloween/Christmas option). But whatever, I'm excited about Christmas this year.

Did I mention that my family is coming out for the holidays? I think this officially means that I have free reign to go big this year. Fun! Especially cause it's our first Christmas in the new digs!!!

Oh yeah baby!

Proof that I'm already getting geared up? This year I'm actually started prepping my foundation pages for December Daily, the Yule scrapbook album (This is a glimpse of last year's DecDaily album, which I totally did last minute and couldn't keep up with in terms of documenting my progress... but I did complete it). Actually I'm sensing a theme here. I do the work, but don't get around to the photos and blogging that much anymore. Can we say ProjectLife much? I've only blogged about 1/4 of what I've done...

Anyways. Back to holiday cheer.

Here's the first bit:

This year I opted to use white, candy red, and a combo of olive and lime greens. I don't know about you, but I like the more modern twist of olive and lime green instead of the classic forest green. It feels fresh! Oh yeah! (Is it wrong that I'm totally think "Bow chica wow wow" over the fresh comment? Or rather, thanks to my little brother "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow" Grrrr... little brothers).

I still have a bit more work I want to do to the foundation pages, like prepping journaling sections, adding some embellies, that kind of thing, so that the pages are ready to go and I just need to add photos.

And you know what makes me EVEN more excited about Christmas? The fact that we now have a fireplace, complete with a mantle, ready for stockings and all the Christmasy goodness. See:

And I bought a fun new baking cookbook and can't wait to start baking. And we have so many decorations, including a new tree... and well, I'm really looking forward to this semester being over!

Bring it December. I'm ready and excited! Let's do this thing, this big, crazy, boisterous, new home, family occasion!

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