Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gasp... you're Canadian and you don't know where the Atlantic ocean is?

So for those of you who are facebook friends, I bet you thought that my first blog post, post reveal, would be all about baby, but no.

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Today I want to rant, or express jaw dropping amazement over the ignorance of Canadian university students. A recent CBC article spoke about how Memorial university students listed the Atlantic ocean as the Mediterranean sea and placed Asia in Africa. Honestly, I'm gobstopped. How are these mistakes even possible?

I mean, if someone were asking you where Eritrea is, ok... I get not knowing that. Or maybe you'd be able to place Tehran in the Middle East, but not exactly pinpoint. But to not know where Spain was, even though you've visited it? Come on people?!

If our university students are so ignorant that they can't locate the Atlantic ocean on a map when they live right next to it, I think we're in for some major international relations problems!

I'm just saying!

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