Monday, January 21, 2013

One Little Word: January Intentions

As I mentioned before, I'm back on the one little word for the year project with the word story. I'm taking a class over at Big Picture Classes with Ali Edwards (for those of you reading this who know nothing about scrapbooking, she's kind of a big name in the scrapbooking world - but don't worry, I didn't expect you to know that).

Anyways, back on subject... focus Marya, focus. (Good thing that wasn't my word.. I'd be failing miserably if it was). Or can I blame that on pregnancy brain/hormones? As I told my sort of sister-in-law (girlfriend, not married, but it's the same thing in the end after long enough, isn't it?) Silvie, I'm going to blame everything and anything on hormones from here on in. So this random sidetracked ramble: hormones.

Ok... back to the story I wanted to share!

So, in this class we do pages every month that focus on our intention for the year. This month's page was to create cards using our word that also set intentions to work on throughout the year (or in a specific month). Now that I'm out in the open about the baby (aka plum this week, next week it'll be peach), I can actually share what I did.

I set them as numbers instead of months (like the prompt had us do) because really, who knows what each month will hold, I may need to switch things up. Some are pretty set for a specific month, but others are loosey goosey. Some intentions I kept purposely simple because, well, it's going to be a rough year I'm sure!

So the goals for 2013 are:

1. Celebrate your story
2. Do something outside my comfort zone
3. Take more photos and blog more
4. Celebrate 7 years together
5. Go out and do something different in Montreal (comedy, theatre, etc)
6. Make something for the baby
7. Finish as much baby prep as possible
8. Be kind to yourself cause you're huge and preggers
9. Try to be as zen as you can about the lack of sleep and how hard the new baby is
10. Leave baby and go on a date
11. New adventure (cause life post baby doesn't end)
12. Have a great first Christmas

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