Thursday, February 28, 2013

baby updates

So Paul and I went to our 20 week ultrasound this week. Baring any problems, this will be the last time we see the Bean until he's born. How crazy is that?

Noteworthy baby updates include:

  • He is still a he. No, I will not post a picture of his junk on the web!
  • He's sucking his thumb now. In our last ultrasound he was very active and waving his hands about. This time he didn't want to move much so the technician had to prod him a bit into action. 

  • I can feel him moving these days. I'm starting to notice that he moves more at certain times than others and he reacts to some foods.
  • Apparently he doesn't like Indian food. Or rather, it isn't his favourite because he definitely acts up when I eat it. It's not a huge deal, but I'm suspecting that the mild indigestion that comes with spicy foods will get worse in 3rd trimester. Weak digestion when it comes to spicy foods = proof that this is totally Paul's son! Should I add that I'm not impressed with his less than stellar palate? 
  • We (I) hired a doula from MotherWit. I met with her (Sylvia) last week and I'm looking forward to working with her. I'm hoping that having a doula will help me get through childbirth naturally. Yes, you read that right, I want to do a drug free labour if possible. Also, it's just really reassuring to know that I'll have someone there to help me through the process that knows what is going on, cause let's face it, Paul and I are fairly clueless!

  • All of our screening results have come back problem free so far, so we're both breathing big sighs of relief. No Down's markers, no heart problems, growth seems to be on track for our July due date. 
  • I'm starting to realize that life is going to need to slow down a bit more than I anticipated at this point. I burn out a lot more easily and need far more rest than I ever did before. Just when I start getting my energy back, I find myself needing to remember to take on less than I would normally. It's been a humbling and difficult lesson to realize that I just don't have my normal stamina, from standing, walking, even talking to students (because I get out of breath). I have 2 workshops to do in the next couple of weeks and I'm unsure how they're going to go given that I can't even have a normal conversation (read rant) without finding myself out of breath these days. 
  • But whatever, I have to admit that seeing my son's foot sort of makes it feel all worth it. How amazing is that, seriously? From the looks of it, we can probably safely assume that he won't be inheriting my toes (thank God cause I've got funny toes)!
  • We're slowly trying to accumulate hand me downs for the baby (from cribs to rocking chairs and strollers). Part of it is about money, but an even bigger part (for me) is about trying to be as sustainable as possible when it comes to baby choices. We're going to try to paint the nursery in March and hopefully get things set up before I move into the 3rd trimester (cause I'd like to get as much down before I really can't breath or move)!
Yup, I think that's it for now. End baby updates.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

quilt update

Finally finished the pattern for the baby quilt. Here's what the final work looks like:

I still have to wash the top again and deal with the loose threads but this is what I have so far. It's bluer than I had originally planned but I decided that I like the simpler colour combo for the owls better. So yeah...

Next up... sewing the batting to the top and then starting the edging. I'll be honest, I'm nervous about the edging. I was originally going to do the edging in the blue but now I might make it more patchwork with the other colours just to break a bit of the blue.

To be decided...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project Life: February thus far

February is almost done and I'm catching up on scrapbooking, life sharing details. After all, I did promise myself I would be better about blogging this year! (It's even one of my one little word goals).

So this month, in honour of Valentine's day, I'm going with pinks and reds. Ok, not really. I'm doing it because my February divider for my album is pink and I matched my colour choices to the dividers!

I'm not that woo hoo Valentines.

This week we ventured out to the Ste Rose en blanc festival. It's more for families and we both agree that it will be better when we have a kid who will be excited by it all.

On the other hand, I've never walked on a frozen river before, so that was pretty awesome. Look at me getting all winterfied! Of course I made Paul pose for all the pictures and he was a pretty good sport about it. Even if it meant playing with the ice fishing hooks for the photo op!

Noteworthy Paul story to add: he's been on a soup making kick and honestly, his soups were awesome. He got them from my veggie cookbook How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, but in typical Paul style, he spiced it up and made it his own. I think one of the biggest differences is that instead of using veggie stock, he used herbal stock which is, honestly, the best soup base I've ever bought because it adds flavour in a way that veggie stock just never quite manages to do. But anyways, Paul's soups rocked. Lentil and rice, and minestrone noodle. Both were delicious and perfect for the colder weather this week!

 And then there was the baby quilting. But I told you about that already...

This week Paul had band practice on the 14th and is debating whether he and the band are going to play background for some Slovenian musicians in March. It's looking like no, but either way, he's looking forward to seeing them.

I discovered a new teahouse in NDG. Marilyn took me out for tea and we played catch up. Our waitress was a hoot, quirky in an unexpectedly amusing way!

Friday Paul and I went out for dinner. It was all fancy and stuff and  we took almost 2 hours for a 3 course meal. This is unheard of behaviour for us. Ok, not unheard of, but rare cause I think we're both fairly quick eaters. But it was nice. Especially after the rough week we'd had and my money freak outs. I'm trying to get my money under control but I'm struggling with it because every time I turn around there's another expense. But it'll pass and I'm working on buckling down on my expenses and being good about money priorities. I'm really trying to get rid of the bulk of my debts before I go on mat leave.

On a brighter (sorta) note, I get my student loan statement and realized that I only have 3 years left of payments left if I keep paying at the rate I'm paying. While it's sad that it really will take me 7 years (well 7 instead of 10) to pay off my student loans... the end is in sight and that's pretty fantabulous. Honestly I can't believe that one day I won't have that payment to stress about anymore.

Now if I can only get my car to last that long, life will be even better!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project Life: January

So I've finally sat down and not only caught up on my album, but also taken some photos to share.

This month I opted to make all my pages with my blue papers. One of the things I didn't like so much about last year's album was that the colours felt a bit disjointed cause they were all over the place. So I pulled out all of my blues of a similar shade and decided to use them for my January pages. Added bonus? Using up some of my insane paper stash.

This week I celebrated my 36th birthday. Eek, I'm 36. How crazy is that?  I was a bit sick, or so I thought, it just turns pregnant ladies run at a higher body temperature. Who knew?  Now you do!

I went baby shopping (second hand cause I want to try to be as eco sustainable as I can when it comes to baby/kid stuff and let's face it, kids don't wear clothes long so they tend to be in good shape)! It totally brings a whole new level to shopping with my girlfriend Jen though...

I also ventured out to watch the documentary The World before Her. It was heartbreaking but thought provoking. I was glad that I saw it; it was definitely worth the driving adventures/mishaps I had to get there. Highly recommend it to any feminist friends out there because it really made me think about the paradox facing women in places like India as they attempt to redefine their space/power in their corners of the world.


 The third week of January was all about baby stuff ( announcements and waiting meeting the prenatal nurse). Got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time and honestly it was a bit of a relief to know that he was alive and kicking in there!

Big news this week was going to our ultrasound. Paul's reaction was priceless and it was just amazing to see how big the baby has become. Even bigger surprise, finding out that we were further along than we anticipated. Of course, you all know that by now cause I've announced it like a kazillion times now! So enough said about that...

The rest of the month was pretty quiet. The belly is starting to show more and I'm trying to be better about taking pictures of it as it grows. Other than that, we transitioned into Feb and celebrated Agata's (my mother in law) name day.

If you're wondering what that is, like I did when I came into this family, it's a Slovenian (but also other countries too) tradition that celebrates not your birthday, but the day of the saint you were named after. This is definitely something that seems to be dying out with the older generation as Paul and his friends don't celebrate it at all, but it's an interesting tradition.

Agata said she wouldn't cook much, only 1 meat, but inevitably lied because she made a turkey and shrimp kebabs along with potatoes, barley, stuffed pasta shells, peas, soup and salad. (And I wonder why since I've met Paul I've gained 40lbs... there's your answer).

The irony of it now is that in the last 6 months I've been making a concerted effort to stop eating so much when I go over for these meals because I always end up sick after eating too much while there. This of course keeps making Paul's mom nervous, especially now that I'm supposedly eating for 2 (mind you, I only need 300 extra calories a day so not really). If you can imagine an Italian mama saying "eat, eat" but with a Slovene accent, then you'd have my mother in law.

It's well intentioned but so culturally different to what I grew up with. Though, according to my brother, I'm starting to take on some Slovenian food traditions of my own!

Monday, February 11, 2013

what I'm working on right now

Owl inspired baby quilt. Totally inspired from this lovely quilt.

This is my "draft" of the first owl but I'm debating the belly colour, it might change.

I wanted a theme that was whimsical and somewhat gender neutral, so much to Paul's dismay, I'm doing cutesy owls! But whatever, we've already agreed that when the kid is around 5 he can do a more "boy" room. Until then... I get the cute and whimsical! 

In order for things to be neutral, I'm using greens, oranges, browns and blues. My goal is for things to be cheery and colourful. 

This is the quilt design so far (the tree has since been sewn and I'm just working on the owls now):

iPhone photo in bad light makes for a grainy picture, but you get the idea! The picture higher up is better in terms of actual colours in the quilt. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out so far. Picking the colours was stressful (big thanks to Katie for going through a ton of bolts of fabric while I said things like... too orange, to loud, too busy, hmmm do they work together about a kazillion times)!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

all about baby...

So please just skip if you don't want baby news...

Today I hit the 18 weeks mark, which means that I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy! Want to hear something even freakier.... I haven't even met my doctor yet. Yes, you read that right. My first appointment, at what was supposedly 11 weeks, was with the nurse and the next was scheduled with the doctor a month later. In between that of course was the big surprise of learning that I'm further along than anticipated.

So yeah. Almost halfway and I have yet to see the doctor. You can officially colour me jaded about the Quebec medical system.

But moving on to more positive news....

Here's what I look like right now:

taken this morning. Ignore the laundry hamper... it's all clean, I swear!

Since I'm not an itsy bitsy girl, my bump sort of seems more like belly chub than anything else. I'm not sporting one of those cute bellies like the tiny girls do. But whatever, that's life and all that so I'll get over it. Just don't expect to see naked belly shots!

But then I tried one of those typical prego belly shot poses (not that different really but)... and bam.. I have a baby belly:

Again don't look at my clean laundry... notice instead that my bed is made! See Mom! I finally made my bed!

Damn, this shit is getting real! Cue official freak out now. Ok, not really. That happened about 3 weeks ago when I found out I was a month further along than I anticipated! Now it's just starting to feel real. But good real, like I'm in the phase where I'm happy and have more energy and don't feel sick most of the time.

But with that comes other shit. Like the fact that I have this great husband who does all these nice things, like leaving me the garage when I came home late, preparing lunch for the next day in tupperware for me, and making sure that there's food leftover when I get home from a later night.  Here's the thing, the totally ungrateful thing that yours truly is doing now...


Ok, last night Paul made sure that he made me a veggie pizza. But on the car ride home I was thinking "Yeah, I want a peanut butter and banana sandwich when I get home." I see the pizza and appreciate the gesture while secretly feeling sad that now I can't have the sandwich. Then I bit into the pizza and blech... it tasted of overcooked broccoli. Normally I'm good with broccoli on pizza but not last night. So I made myself  a sandwich instead. I'll try the pizza again tonight.

And this is not the first time that I've done this to Paul lately. He'll make potatoes and I'll tell him I want them plain, no fancy shit (he's always experimenting with potatoes). Of course, he doesn't listen and is looking for honey (thankfully my relatives finished it off while here over the holidays... thanks guys!). He continues to make semi fancy potatoes with garlic. And asparagus, with parmesan, which normally seems like it would be deliciouis.

But I can't eat them. They turn my stomach that particular day.

I swear I'm not trying to be a bitch. And I really do appreciate all his hard work and support. Honestly. But I think he's starting to catch on because he sort of checks in more now before cooking. So while I have more energy again and I'm doing way better than in the first trimester... I've got these weird food aversions happening these days. And they aren't permanent. Like if he were to make parmesan asparagus today, I'd be game. Ok, maybe not today. But tomorrow maybe? It's like I'm taking my picky eating habits to a whole new level.

And then there's baby to factor in. The other day I made Indian (butter tofu) and bean did not approve. Nope. He didn't. I loved it but he was all about the heartburn. And prego heartburn... it's a whole different beast and of course you can't take anything when pregnant (or at least, nothing I have handy in my cupboards). Go figure. Baby and I are already duking it out.

On the other hand... the first time I felt him move, that I was totally sure of, was after said Indian food... so maybe baby is just going to have to lose this fight!

Friday, February 1, 2013

one little word blog hop (jan intention)

Welcome to my One Little Word post for the Feb blog hop (jan intention). My goal for this month was to "remember to make time to celebrate your story." Suitably vague, no?

Yes, I did that on purpose (be vague) because who knew what life would have in store for me this month.

So let me show you some of the ways that I celebrated my story this month:

First... well there was the big public addition to the family announcement:

It was amazing to celebrate the news with our extended friends and family. Keeping my mouth shut is not my strong trait and I was dying to share the news with everyone. I've always been known for being a big mouth. What can I say... I like to tell stories so it makes sense!

But then we went to have our first ultrasound:

And we saw our baby for the first time. How amazing is that moment. For those of you who have been there, done that before me... you know what I'm talking about. Beyond just the heartbeat, seeing the life that is growing inside of you (or your partner) is pretty awesome, surreal, and downright frightening because it makes it real in ways that the tiredness and nausea never do.

But then... we learned this:

We're a month further than expected and our expected due date is July 10th, not Aug 1st. So how's that for a story. We went in for a simple screening ultrasound and walked out with a different due date, safely out of the first trimester, AND knowing the baby's sex 2 months before we'd expected to know it!

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