Wednesday, February 6, 2013

all about baby...

So please just skip if you don't want baby news...

Today I hit the 18 weeks mark, which means that I'm almost halfway through this pregnancy! Want to hear something even freakier.... I haven't even met my doctor yet. Yes, you read that right. My first appointment, at what was supposedly 11 weeks, was with the nurse and the next was scheduled with the doctor a month later. In between that of course was the big surprise of learning that I'm further along than anticipated.

So yeah. Almost halfway and I have yet to see the doctor. You can officially colour me jaded about the Quebec medical system.

But moving on to more positive news....

Here's what I look like right now:

taken this morning. Ignore the laundry hamper... it's all clean, I swear!

Since I'm not an itsy bitsy girl, my bump sort of seems more like belly chub than anything else. I'm not sporting one of those cute bellies like the tiny girls do. But whatever, that's life and all that so I'll get over it. Just don't expect to see naked belly shots!

But then I tried one of those typical prego belly shot poses (not that different really but)... and bam.. I have a baby belly:

Again don't look at my clean laundry... notice instead that my bed is made! See Mom! I finally made my bed!

Damn, this shit is getting real! Cue official freak out now. Ok, not really. That happened about 3 weeks ago when I found out I was a month further along than I anticipated! Now it's just starting to feel real. But good real, like I'm in the phase where I'm happy and have more energy and don't feel sick most of the time.

But with that comes other shit. Like the fact that I have this great husband who does all these nice things, like leaving me the garage when I came home late, preparing lunch for the next day in tupperware for me, and making sure that there's food leftover when I get home from a later night.  Here's the thing, the totally ungrateful thing that yours truly is doing now...


Ok, last night Paul made sure that he made me a veggie pizza. But on the car ride home I was thinking "Yeah, I want a peanut butter and banana sandwich when I get home." I see the pizza and appreciate the gesture while secretly feeling sad that now I can't have the sandwich. Then I bit into the pizza and blech... it tasted of overcooked broccoli. Normally I'm good with broccoli on pizza but not last night. So I made myself  a sandwich instead. I'll try the pizza again tonight.

And this is not the first time that I've done this to Paul lately. He'll make potatoes and I'll tell him I want them plain, no fancy shit (he's always experimenting with potatoes). Of course, he doesn't listen and is looking for honey (thankfully my relatives finished it off while here over the holidays... thanks guys!). He continues to make semi fancy potatoes with garlic. And asparagus, with parmesan, which normally seems like it would be deliciouis.

But I can't eat them. They turn my stomach that particular day.

I swear I'm not trying to be a bitch. And I really do appreciate all his hard work and support. Honestly. But I think he's starting to catch on because he sort of checks in more now before cooking. So while I have more energy again and I'm doing way better than in the first trimester... I've got these weird food aversions happening these days. And they aren't permanent. Like if he were to make parmesan asparagus today, I'd be game. Ok, maybe not today. But tomorrow maybe? It's like I'm taking my picky eating habits to a whole new level.

And then there's baby to factor in. The other day I made Indian (butter tofu) and bean did not approve. Nope. He didn't. I loved it but he was all about the heartburn. And prego heartburn... it's a whole different beast and of course you can't take anything when pregnant (or at least, nothing I have handy in my cupboards). Go figure. Baby and I are already duking it out.

On the other hand... the first time I felt him move, that I was totally sure of, was after said Indian food... so maybe baby is just going to have to lose this fight!

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