Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Project Life: February thus far

February is almost done and I'm catching up on scrapbooking, life sharing details. After all, I did promise myself I would be better about blogging this year! (It's even one of my one little word goals).

So this month, in honour of Valentine's day, I'm going with pinks and reds. Ok, not really. I'm doing it because my February divider for my album is pink and I matched my colour choices to the dividers!

I'm not that woo hoo Valentines.

This week we ventured out to the Ste Rose en blanc festival. It's more for families and we both agree that it will be better when we have a kid who will be excited by it all.

On the other hand, I've never walked on a frozen river before, so that was pretty awesome. Look at me getting all winterfied! Of course I made Paul pose for all the pictures and he was a pretty good sport about it. Even if it meant playing with the ice fishing hooks for the photo op!

Noteworthy Paul story to add: he's been on a soup making kick and honestly, his soups were awesome. He got them from my veggie cookbook How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, but in typical Paul style, he spiced it up and made it his own. I think one of the biggest differences is that instead of using veggie stock, he used herbal stock which is, honestly, the best soup base I've ever bought because it adds flavour in a way that veggie stock just never quite manages to do. But anyways, Paul's soups rocked. Lentil and rice, and minestrone noodle. Both were delicious and perfect for the colder weather this week!

 And then there was the baby quilting. But I told you about that already...

This week Paul had band practice on the 14th and is debating whether he and the band are going to play background for some Slovenian musicians in March. It's looking like no, but either way, he's looking forward to seeing them.

I discovered a new teahouse in NDG. Marilyn took me out for tea and we played catch up. Our waitress was a hoot, quirky in an unexpectedly amusing way!

Friday Paul and I went out for dinner. It was all fancy and stuff and  we took almost 2 hours for a 3 course meal. This is unheard of behaviour for us. Ok, not unheard of, but rare cause I think we're both fairly quick eaters. But it was nice. Especially after the rough week we'd had and my money freak outs. I'm trying to get my money under control but I'm struggling with it because every time I turn around there's another expense. But it'll pass and I'm working on buckling down on my expenses and being good about money priorities. I'm really trying to get rid of the bulk of my debts before I go on mat leave.

On a brighter (sorta) note, I get my student loan statement and realized that I only have 3 years left of payments left if I keep paying at the rate I'm paying. While it's sad that it really will take me 7 years (well 7 instead of 10) to pay off my student loans... the end is in sight and that's pretty fantabulous. Honestly I can't believe that one day I won't have that payment to stress about anymore.

Now if I can only get my car to last that long, life will be even better!

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