Sunday, February 17, 2013

Project Life: January

So I've finally sat down and not only caught up on my album, but also taken some photos to share.

This month I opted to make all my pages with my blue papers. One of the things I didn't like so much about last year's album was that the colours felt a bit disjointed cause they were all over the place. So I pulled out all of my blues of a similar shade and decided to use them for my January pages. Added bonus? Using up some of my insane paper stash.

This week I celebrated my 36th birthday. Eek, I'm 36. How crazy is that?  I was a bit sick, or so I thought, it just turns pregnant ladies run at a higher body temperature. Who knew?  Now you do!

I went baby shopping (second hand cause I want to try to be as eco sustainable as I can when it comes to baby/kid stuff and let's face it, kids don't wear clothes long so they tend to be in good shape)! It totally brings a whole new level to shopping with my girlfriend Jen though...

I also ventured out to watch the documentary The World before Her. It was heartbreaking but thought provoking. I was glad that I saw it; it was definitely worth the driving adventures/mishaps I had to get there. Highly recommend it to any feminist friends out there because it really made me think about the paradox facing women in places like India as they attempt to redefine their space/power in their corners of the world.


 The third week of January was all about baby stuff ( announcements and waiting meeting the prenatal nurse). Got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time and honestly it was a bit of a relief to know that he was alive and kicking in there!

Big news this week was going to our ultrasound. Paul's reaction was priceless and it was just amazing to see how big the baby has become. Even bigger surprise, finding out that we were further along than we anticipated. Of course, you all know that by now cause I've announced it like a kazillion times now! So enough said about that...

The rest of the month was pretty quiet. The belly is starting to show more and I'm trying to be better about taking pictures of it as it grows. Other than that, we transitioned into Feb and celebrated Agata's (my mother in law) name day.

If you're wondering what that is, like I did when I came into this family, it's a Slovenian (but also other countries too) tradition that celebrates not your birthday, but the day of the saint you were named after. This is definitely something that seems to be dying out with the older generation as Paul and his friends don't celebrate it at all, but it's an interesting tradition.

Agata said she wouldn't cook much, only 1 meat, but inevitably lied because she made a turkey and shrimp kebabs along with potatoes, barley, stuffed pasta shells, peas, soup and salad. (And I wonder why since I've met Paul I've gained 40lbs... there's your answer).

The irony of it now is that in the last 6 months I've been making a concerted effort to stop eating so much when I go over for these meals because I always end up sick after eating too much while there. This of course keeps making Paul's mom nervous, especially now that I'm supposedly eating for 2 (mind you, I only need 300 extra calories a day so not really). If you can imagine an Italian mama saying "eat, eat" but with a Slovene accent, then you'd have my mother in law.

It's well intentioned but so culturally different to what I grew up with. Though, according to my brother, I'm starting to take on some Slovenian food traditions of my own!

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