Monday, February 11, 2013

what I'm working on right now

Owl inspired baby quilt. Totally inspired from this lovely quilt.

This is my "draft" of the first owl but I'm debating the belly colour, it might change.

I wanted a theme that was whimsical and somewhat gender neutral, so much to Paul's dismay, I'm doing cutesy owls! But whatever, we've already agreed that when the kid is around 5 he can do a more "boy" room. Until then... I get the cute and whimsical! 

In order for things to be neutral, I'm using greens, oranges, browns and blues. My goal is for things to be cheery and colourful. 

This is the quilt design so far (the tree has since been sewn and I'm just working on the owls now):

iPhone photo in bad light makes for a grainy picture, but you get the idea! The picture higher up is better in terms of actual colours in the quilt. 

Overall I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out so far. Picking the colours was stressful (big thanks to Katie for going through a ton of bolts of fabric while I said things like... too orange, to loud, too busy, hmmm do they work together about a kazillion times)!

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