Monday, March 4, 2013

3 little owls: a baby quilt completed

One Little Word: February Intention: To make something for the baby.

Since I numbered my intentions, I have free reign to move things around and juggle them according to where life takes me. This past month, life took on a baby crafting adventure that really challenged my quilting skills, big time.

But here is what I did.

The back and main inspiration for nursery colours:

The front:

Owls, edging, and stitching to hold the layers together in place. It turned out differently than I expected, definitely more blue but I'm ok with that. Next up, washing and trimming any loose strings. Overall I think the entire project took me about 16 hours over 5 days of work. Not bad.

Yay, I've just completed my first baby project and one of my year's intentions!

Ok... now for more posts that don't include the baby. I'm getting a bit baby'd out right now, time to talk about something else for a bit.

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