Monday, March 11, 2013

boys will be boys

Last weekend we headed up to Tremblant to spend some time with Mark and Katie. You'd never believe it, but your's truly actually managed to stay awake till midnight, later than Paul even. It's like a new preggo record for me! But shh... let's not talk about the hour long nap I had to take to accomplish this amazing feat!

While I was there I noticed a common theme between Mark and Paul (who are cousins despite not looking related):

Mark feels the need to keep busy doing chores. In the picture above he is stacking wood for the fireplace.

Even though we're going no where, Paul went out to clean his car (after adding windshield fluid, which was needed). Like Mark, Paul gets restless sitting still and talking.

I think this is by-product of their mothers... I'm just saying...

That said:

Don't be fooled by their hardworking natures. At the first opportunity to play swords, the two of them seized the moment to geek it up and make crude little boy jokes while Katie and I waited on them.

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