Saturday, March 23, 2013

farewell Lucy, hello Lakhsmi

Farewell Lucy, my little blue lovebug. After much angsting over the decision, we have finally parted ways. It was a good ride. I enjoyed having my own little beetle but it was time. Ironically whenever I tell people that it's time to let her go, the first reaction is really, she's not that old. But yes, yes she is my friends. She's a 98 and the very first generation of new Beetles. She was in great shape for a 15 year old car, but the financial reality of maintaining her was taking it's toll and combined with a baby on the way and her 2 door, compact ways, she just had to go.

So now I'm all grown up in a subcompact Nissan Versa. A sedan. Yes. A sedan.

I could get all midlife, baby crisis on you about this decision. After all, I now live in the suburbs in a practical car, in a big house and have a baby on the way. It's surreal, you know? Life just sort of happens and the next thing you know, you're actually totally an adult. How does that happen? I mean, I don't feel 16 or even 25 anymore.... but a solid 29 or 31 seems about right.

I guess plenty of 29 year olds have babies, sedans and houses in the burbs. But given that it took me so long to finish school, it all sometimes feels a bit surreal. Good surreal, but surreal, you know?

She's used. 2008, but only 34 000 km, and in great shape.

Paul has suggested the name Lakhsmi for her. I like it. Never mind that he suggested it because he wants to be able to call her bLakhsmi like he called Lucy bLucy. He feels all smart with his blue bLucy and black bLakhsmi. [insert loving eye roll here]. But I like the idea of calling my new vehicle after a goddess of prosperity and good fortune. I think we could use a bit of a good fortune these days given the rough month we've had, what with every house bill, tax, etc coming due this month and killing us financially. (It will get better, but it's been rough).

So yeah, Lakhsmi it is. Bring on the prosperity.

Now the big question is, how do I spice her up a bit to make her mine? On Lucy I added a little fairy sticker, which now in retrospect I think might not have been a good identity to give to my car. Fairies are tricky after all. So I was think a couple of stars or a lotus? What say you? Thoughts, suggestions?

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