Monday, March 18, 2013

February Scrapbook Collage: One Little Word

I feel like I haven't done a standard old school scrapbook page in ages and I've been really longing to do one. The catch of course is that I thought that it would be a good idea to purge my craft room (pregnancy nesting much?), thus I am not all that inspired to walk into my creative space because it's currently a disaster as I sort through things.

I swear to god, even though it looks worse, it is actually better underneath all the chaos!

But enough of that. Let me tell you about my latest scrapbooking page, cause I know you're all just so very eager to hear about it! For my One Little Word assignment for Feb I was supposed to create a collage of images/words that inspired me. Well, being a bit contrary, I opted to do something different that fit more in with what I was longing to do creatively. So I fused the collage with a traditional layout.

February Collage:

Bonus: the images are actually photos of pages I'd torn out of creative magazines that I'd really liked, which now means that I can purge said images and create a little less clutter in my crafty space! I call that a win, win!

See, I told you that it was better underneath the chaos. There is method to my cleaning madness.

So this page was totally inspired by one of Shimelle's pages (I pinned it here so go check out the original if you're curious). I opted to keep it simpler because all of the images I had collected seemed to have this light, airy, romantic feel to them. This is something that I find somewhat odd about my nature. I love the romantic airy feel, but then when I'm in it, I find it too pristine and a bit cold. For example, our dining room is very white with pops of colour and I find myself constantly wanting to layer more colour, texture, etc into the space (much to Paul's chagrin). I'm fighting the impulse and working on a more Zen minimalist approach, but it doesn't come naturally to me.

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