Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I'm (we're) all grown up and the proud owner of a tub!

Bought a tub last week.

I never thought I'd say that. I bought a bathtub. It seems like a ridiculously grown up thing to say. Never mind that I'm having a baby. Nope, it's the bathtub buying that seems odd!

We still have to buy the faucet/pipes, but we couldn't turn down the deal on the tub last week because it was on sale. 

At least now our ridiculously large bathroom only looks large. No one can walk into it now and say "I could totally move into your bathroom, even fit a bed in here." Nope, now we just have a big bathroom.

Yay for a tub. I could have really used one during the colder months this year. I'm excited to have a good tub again. Hopefully we'll get the faucet sooner than later (mind you, my car keeps falling apart so it will probably be later).

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