Thursday, March 28, 2013

Lego and the genderization of toys.

When I see stuff like this, it makes me happy that I'm having a boy:

Lego for Girls in the 80s
Lego for Girls 2013

Don't get me wrong. I was a girly girl. I loved pink and Barbie with an unhealthy obsession! I made Ken kiss Barbie and played house and did all the gender stuff. I was all over it.

But Lego? Honestly it never even occurred to me to want Lego in girly colours or with Barbie like scenes. Lego was a different game all together and I didn't need it to be anything other than it was. Mind you, Lego wasn't also as fixated on building specific creations then either. Lego was about using my imagination to build cars or houses. And I spent hours creating whatever my heart desired with my Lego.

I feel like we're taking a step backwards here. Why do we still constantly feel the need to gender children through toys? What does it say to girls that they can't actually just build shit but that they have to have the perfect home, fashion accessories, etc.?

It's fine that some toys are all about catering to the Princess fantasy of little girls. I get that everything is about moderation and that girls like this stuff. But can we not have some toys just be about creativity beyond gender?

Shit like this makes me happy we're having a boy. Because honestly, I really feel like we're backtracking on feminism.

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